Blood and Gold 12

He whirled around quickly, his eyes made a secure contact with Ella before she fired a shot. He took a breath of relief as she fired another shot. Sending bullets into Edy's body. She looked up, kicking a strands of hair out of her face. 

"Who the hell are you" she said, now pointing the gun at Tega. Tega raised his hands up and he stood off his kneels. He fixed his fingers into each other forming a ball behind his head. There was a change in Ella's look. She had just picked up an atom of recognition as her gaze settled on Tega's face. 

"You..."She muttered. she smashed her lips tight creating a shallow hole in her cheek. She walked close to Tega with her gun pointed at him. He wasn't sure about the gun she had in hand. It might be lime laced and that might slit directly through him, he cant risk been healing over time. One way to get him kill without wrangle. Make him go out in a lime rain without an umbrella, then take off his head. 

He stared at her not saying a word. "What do you want from me" She bawled at him as her gun wobbled in her grip like a lunatic trying to paddle a canoe in the dead sea. She adjusted her hands as she placed it closer to the trigger and she was ready to pull it at any point.

Tega was conscious of the fact that he needed to read pale's mind. That was the only thing he had undone. He stood against her unarmed, his mind was in a stormy rain of thoughts questioning the authenticity of what Ella had in her hands. He had to be out of the store before the whole of sterl police force come in close on him.

"Step aside" she said "I said step aside " She repeated, her pitch went higher. 

Tega stepped out of the way, giving her a carte blanche. Tega went for her wrist, he caught it in his grip just as she fell into the range of his reach. Her left hand swung at him in an attempt to shoot. He shielded it with his elbow, and her gun flew out of her hands. He held on apace to her left wrist which he had caught earlier, then he stretched out his right hand, grabbed her by her thigh and he hurled her over head into the ground a little meter away from him.

He picked up her gun and he emptied it of bullets. He walked over to where Pale laid and he grabbed his wrist quickly. He had to be quick with every thing he had to do before ella could attempt gather enough strength to separate her back from the ground.

He took an hard breath as he let go of pale's hand, a trickle of blood ran down his nose. His vision began to go blur and he flicked consecutively as his eyes lids broke out of his realm of control, they were closing up involuntary. He was able to keep his eyes slightly opened exerting the whole of his strength. Ella's was still laying unconsciously on the ground untied ground left foot was off the ground as it rested on a sealed brown rectangular cartoon with tapes running around it.  

He his whole body resting on his kneels and his long and thin legs were the only support he had. All at once he fell on his back crashing violently into the ground, He turned over Quickly with the whole of his strength as he attempted scrambling to his feet.

From afar Tega picked up the sounds of siren and tires squealing. They sounded louder with time. He knew without doubt, the police were heading the store house. 


Boris jumped out of the passengers seat of one of the police Car, before it came to a full stop. 6 more police cars pulled up violently behind him . He turned around and he yelled "Will you guys knock me down" His eyes bulged out of his socket. He pulled out his gun and he motioned for Everyone to converge. "Shoot any thing that glows. And be careful with you Guns. The bullet in it are not ordinary". 

Then he motioned for two police officers to mount the road and prevent anything from passing including birds. 

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope