Blood and Gold episode 11.


Ed raised his gun again, and it was pointed at Elle. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, The lights went off.

 "Are you expecting me to shoot my Goddamn shadow. turn the damn lights on" Ed yelled, suspecting one of his guys had caused the black out. "That wont be necessary you can use my eyes. It has a burning torch" "yeaahahahhhhhhh" Ed heard one of his men scream in the dark, sounds of his bones been crunched was pegged to his scream. 

 "Damn it!!!!" Ed said under his breath. He pointed his gun towards where he had heard the voice and the sound and he trembled. "Show your face, Show me your damn face. You coward." The glowing eyes appeared in the dark again. 

Edy, out of fear sent shots flying at the glowing eyes, But all of that stopped nothing. The glowing eyes drew closer to him. Ed Ceased at firing, the glowing eyes had vanished, he took slow steps backward, he was in an hurry to stay close to the wall so his back could be covered.

 "I thought been around you will be fun." Edy turned quickly, sensing the voice was coming this time from his left. He turned his gun quickly and before he could attempt pulling the trigger. His hands been caught in tega's grip. In a blink tega jerked his kneel into Ed's stomach, Launching Ed to float temporarily in the air. A thud sound was generated as Ed crashed into the ground. laying motionlessly on the Plastered ground something else had struck him. Tega thought the kick wasn't enough. it all happened so quick. Ed groaned as he laid with his back on the ground. His hands were closing on the end of a knife thrusting out of his stomach. The glowing eyes vanished and the lights went on. Tega stood leaning over Ed's Injured body. "If i were you. i would not even take crawling out of here as an option. I would fly." Tega said, as he lowered his height.

He heard the grille been pushed up and steps of men running out of the store followed. "pls d..o..n..t" Edy pleaded, his words came out like a chattered glass wall. "I be use..f..ul." "yeah. I wont kill you but someone else will" Tega replied, a thick smile took origin from the corner of his lips. His eyes scanned the room, then if fell on Pale's body laying in one side of the room. He stood up slowly and he walked quickly towards pale neglecting Elle who was struggling to break free. He knelt down close to pale's body. He leaned over him, his ears close to his chest as he checked his heart beat. He could not bare Ella's struggle for help. His ears were amplifying every sound she made. He pulled out a knife and he slide it towards her. He watched it stop as it hit her feet "Set your self free" He said aloud. 


 Tega gaze were fixed on pale's body, His kneels were soaked in his blood. Tega stared at Pale and his head buzzed as he filled it up with every possible technique which might preserve pale for some few more minutes. Pale was unconscious so extracting from his memories was a dead line. It was never going to work. 

 Tega gaze was filled with desperation, he needed what Pale had. He looked around to see if any one was looking. Elle was busy cutting her self loose. He twisted his fingers and he laid his right thumb on Pale's fore head. The store went darker no light was coming in from the little space under the grille. His eyes glowed brighter than ever as he flicked up his lid. He quivered as his veins raised, it was like something was coming out of him. Pale coughed out all of a sudden, life had been restored into him and it was going to be for a short while. The cough was a sigh he was back. Tega closed his eyes again in relief and the lights emerged out of the bulbs slowly till it was full and stable. Just has he stretched his hands towards Pale for a grab on his wrist. He heard a gun been cocked behind him. 

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope

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