B&G EPS10.


Pale sat in his office as he studied some documents, then his phone ranged. -it's late, who must be calling- he thought, He removed his thin glasses off his face, folding it and holding it in his left hands, while he picked up the receiver.


 "Hello" The voice went straight into his ear and his eyes bulged. He stood up his eyes fixed on the telephone, he knew who it was. "What do you want." he said curtly. "Noting. Just wanted you to hear your nephew she has a message for you" The voice responded. Pale clenched tighter on the receiver as he heard his nephew grunt faintly. "Listen Ed, don't touch her." he paused then he spoke rapidly into the phone again. "i really don't know what this is about, but tell The general. i have things under control here. don't touch her, pls dont." "lets see. I give you 5minutes to get here. You know where to find me. i am in Alba. You can come with the entire police force if you really have enough cash to arrange their burial" he said, then the line dropped. 


Pale slammed the receiver on his table angrily then he threw the telephone into the ground. He breathed heavily with a scowl. -Ed must have lured The general into this-he thought. 


He picked up his coat, slipped his hands into it's sleeves and he stomped out of his office. He entered into his car and he zoomed off towards Alba, it was just few kilometers away from where Sterl's police headquarter was. He reached a certain junction then he swung his car to the left, he zoomed down a bit. He ran over few bumps then he branched into another junction by his right. He stepped slowly on his break pad making the car to ride slowly through the dim lit street. 


He pulled up as he sighted an Old store house. He stepped out of his car, after he had removed all the weapons he had on, he was there to plead for his cousin's life, bringing a weapon in, might worsen the case. 

 Ed will definitely have him searched . He approached a Big store house on his left and he looked around to see if anyone was on the watch. He could see from afar that the store house grille had been pulled up but there was no light in it. He stepped closer with his hands placed behind his head. He felt something poke him on his side as he stepped inside the store house. Then he stopped moving. A hand searched him quickly. "pure" a voice proclaimed carrying the message through the dark atmosphere.


Pale stood still as he heard the grille been dropped down and gradually the darkness grew thicker. Then the lights went on. "Welcome" a thin man said sitting in an arm chair closer to Elle who was tied to a pole. "Pls don't. You don't have to do this. Let me speak to The General" pale pleaded and before he could take a step closer, Edy brought out his gun and he Shot pale. Pale held his belle and his kneels went weak, then he spread out on the ground, blood flowing out of him. Ed stared at Elle with a frown as he watched her give the whole of her strength trying to scream. Her mouth had been taped and every one could only see her struggling. Edy raised his gun again, and he pointed it at Elle his hands against the trigger. 


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope 


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