Blood and Gold EPS17

"You have been there for an hour. How do you feel" Tega opened up his eyes, The sharp light burned deep into his eyes, forcing him to turn down his heavy lashes in a quick flick. "What did you do to me" Tega grunted, feeling a chain run around his wrist, Sweat broking down his chin. He rolled the chain around his wrist, creating a tight bond and in a single pull, it broke off. He loured at Mena as he approached her. " calm down, Tega" she said pulling back herself, she came to an hault as her legs kicked against the wall. Tega grabbed her wrist and she shrieked. He let go of her after about 30 seconds. He had gotten what he wanted. He watched her from an height as she lowered her self to the ground. "Where is she" "I kept her locked up. Till you are save" she replied with a scowl as she held her wrist in pain. "Was she able to break the spell" "You should have an answer to all this questions at least you went into my head" She retorted.
Tega picked her up angrily and he spoke, his face almost hitting hers "Now listen, i only shared my pain with you. I didn't even go into your head. I can kill you right away. Do have any idea about what you know what you did? You gave me lime to drink." He let go of her and his eyes went around the room. "She could not break the spell" Mena said. "What!!!!" Tega lips flew opened knowing he was going to be dead, His eyes went on a quick search for the wall clock in the room.
ZItch broke out of The lady's bedroom forcefully. The siren became louder in his head, The lady's body fell in the realm of his sight and he walked across the hallway towards her. He knelt down beside her and he held her frigid hands. He felt something move through his skin and over to his face, there was a quick change. He was looking exactly like the lady laying on the ground. He grinned as he stood up, he loosed a button here and there and he was naked. He took the exact shape, color and height of the lady laying in the pool of her blood.
Just as the first knock landed he was at the door. He pulled it open revealing his transparent night gown, without an underwear. The policeman gulped as he took more time out to stare at the hot lady standing in front of him. His eyes was fixed on everything under her shoulder. "From Boris" the police man managed to say after about 30 seconds. "yes" Zitch let go of his first feminine word. He had done this before, But this was the first time, he was going to be a woman. "Everything is fine" "That's why i am here. Boris ordered me not to let you out of my sight untill day break. Do you mind i step in". Zitch heart skipped a long beat as he shaded his thought over the dead body he had laying in the hallway.
©Okhuoya temitope