Blood and Gold Eps 16.

A man stepped out of his car into the rain, it was dark and lightening ran quickly across the sky. He had an hat on, and the red light on his cigar stick pointed his face. He walked across the road and he stopped, staring at the street light. He pulled off his hat and the light in the street went out. Every where was murky. The light from the moon wasn't enough to illuminate the street.
He slide a thin knife under his sleeve. He shook it confirming, if it wasn't going to fall off. Then he approached the bungalow on his far left.
He walked up to the door and he began to knock, after a while, he sensed movement in the house then he stopped knocking. He could sense the foot steps coming closer to the door. He smiled as he heard the lock been turned off. "Good evening. I am zitch" He offered the skinny lady his hands for a shake as he watched her fighting the shock running through her. It didn't take her so long, she knew who he was. "What do you want?" she asked trembling, her hands still on the door. "Dont you mind, i come in. I really hate discussing on my feet." "Noooo. I don't let strangers into my house." Briskly she pushed forward the door in an attempt to slam it close but Zitch's leg was in, making it almost impossible. "What do you want from me" She said, drawing her self away from him. She moved backward, her gaze locked in his face, She could sense danger in his look. The zitch she knew, could kill in a blink.
"I have heard a lot about you. So i have decided to patronise you" Zitch eyes glowed as he spoke. "Dear witch, i heard you made a friend a spell that would prevent me from reading his mind. How true is that?" "I don't know what you are talking about" she wavered, as she leaned on the wall. She couldn't move backward any further. That was the end of the hallway.
"pls don't do this. I don't even know wha..t....t...t" She seized speech as she held her throat, a knife stocked it. She fell into the ground and blood flowed out of her. Zitch smiled as he approached her, He pulled his knife out of her throat and he cleaned it up with her gown. She never saw it coming. Zitch was good at killing within a blink.
He went straight into her bedroom. He knew what he was looking for and he knew where it was. He sighted a pendulum clock on the wall and he walked over to it. He increased his height with the help of a chair and he took it down. He tightened his fist smashed it on the clocks face and the glass covering it chattered. He pushed down the shorter hand of the clock till it reached twelve and he pushed the longer hand till it reached six. There was a loud sound from the clock which was followed by another shrilling sound from the wall. The clock fell off Zitch's hand as he fell into the ground, a trickle of blood ran out his ear.
He looked up from the ground, having noticed an opening on the wall, then he scrambled to his feet. The smile on his face vanished as his ears picked up the thin sound of the police siren.

©Okhuoya temitope