"The young lad, took his old blade out of his sheath and he felt it end. It took blood off him and he tightened up his lid, giving up his monthly ritual. 

He scream out and his bones cracked. His eyes glowed and his bone snapped. Making him fall into the ground. He screamed from un top the mountains and the every surrounding village felt his presence."  

The beard robber (Akil)  stopped sharping his knife as he noticed his men had all their attentions on him. 

"And why that look?" He asked. 

"Nothing. Just the story."

"Radz must be curious, so am I!" another boy replied. 

"Hmmm." The beard robber sighed and he pointed his knife at the lady. 

"Let's lay our ambush. A rich merchant might be on his way."

"What about the stand and hut." Radz asked. 

"Since we have her. We won't set nothing on fire." He replied. He watched them tie up young girl to a stand and he told his boys to take shield in the dark. 

They were Five in number. The beard guy was the oldest and obviously the leader. They looked skilled and highly trained. They must have been rebel or a runaway knights from neighbouring villages. 


Just like the said tale. A young boy emerged the cliff. He was on a run, from himself. His past. It was all eating him up and he was on a run away from been used and abused. His age! He couldn't be more than 20. He had a long entangling hair, rustling off his shoulder. He paused looking around. It was dark and cutting the woods was next. He felt himself and he confirmed his sheath was intact.

He braced himself, taking some steps backward and he plunged himself over the cliff, then he went down into the wood. He landed on a tough branch and he was thrown into the ground. 

He growled in pain and he pulled himself together. He made it away from the woods and he emerged off the woods and he walked through the boundary of the village. 

He dragged his feet, feeling it was going to fall off and he walked pass the tall trees. He could sight burning torches far off.  He felt the cool breeze and he wished peace would hit him here. 

He walked pass the lone and dark route while his eyes on the burning torch far off told him he had found a new home.  

A faint voice break through from his right and he looked into the dark.  He stopped and he listened. It was dark he was only able to pick up a discretion. The voice was that of a girl.  Never mind! He turned off and he moved forward only to be stopped by a sharp knife almost cutting through his throat.  

"I don't want to hurt you.  don't move." The guy behind the knife said as he place more pressure on his knife. Four other men came up and they lighted a wood to draft them more illumination.

Alki Was The lead he did the interrogation.  

"Boy!" He began,  crackling. 

"What do you have with you." He added.  

"I don't want trouble. Just take all I have and leave." The young boy replied. 

Alki smiled and he motioned one of the boys to go Search the young boy.  They got all he had on off and they left him with nothing except his hidden blade. 

"Search him again. Deeper!" Alki added. 

One of his guys stepped forward and he searched the young boy again.  He got hold of his sheath and he pulled it out. 

"Don't touch that." The young boy said.  

"Did you steal this?" 

"No I didn't. It's mine." 

Alki laughed. "You can't own this. I hate liars. Kill him." He said. He held the sheath and he whiled around to check it out.  

He heard the metallic sound of a sword sliding out and he smile knowing the job was done.  The young boy!  May be (Man) had been killed and he could walk away to lay a trap for another stranger.  

"I told you never open that." The young boy's yell caught Alki by surprise. He whirled around on alert and came to sight of one of his boys dead at the feet of the young man and the other three men with pointed sword made him quiver.  

He advanced in anger with the sheath and before he could pull the sword out. It was flying out of the sheath all my it self,  swinging towards the young man's hand.  He got hold of it and his eyes glowered. A large star tattoo appeared on the back of his palm and in a jiffy he was splitting Alki into two equal halves with the blunt blade.  He looked around and the three other men had taken off away into the woods.  He stepped forward furiously and he spun the blade into the air. It went off with the speed of light across the wood and in search of three throats. The young man received his knife after five seconds and he watched blood drip off it. His eyes glowed knowing fully well his urge for blood had began. He wanted to go away from this life. Now he thought he was close to finding a new life but it was a whole vault of emptiness. 

He held his blade in desperation and he watched it get brightened. His bones were bringing to crack. He crashed to his feet knowing he had done his monthly ritual again. He watched the full moon show up in the sky and he knew he had just few second to split up in rage and have enough strength that could take down an entire helmet. His ears picked up the heart beat of the girl and he located her in the dark. He held firm his blade and he spun it at her. He caught it back in return. He had trusted it never to get a job undone. He returned his blade to his sheath and he walked away slowly away from the village. He had not gone far when he heard a voice calling at him. 

"Tell me your name." It was faint and feminine. He turned around in the dark.  He could identify someone was there but the face was too hard for him to guess.  

"Blade." He replied. 

The lady stood out in fear. 

"Thank you." She quivered as every thing went blunt in her sight. She looked again and she found nothing. The man was gone. Blade was gone. She knew he was a guardian angel sent to protect her. 

"Thank you." She said faintly. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya