Before and After

“Roselyn, you cannot marry that man” Bev said with so much concern. His cheek bone rose as his face folded into a frown.

“Why not, I love him very much” I replied.

“He hits you at the slightest chance” she said with worry apparent on her face.

“That was only twice and he’s sorry, really sorry” I answered back in his defence.

“Rose, at least try not to fully depend on him.” she said coming close to me, and she stopped, reaching my face. 

“He is rich enough for us, I don’t need to work” I answered back defiantly.

“I won’t be here for you when your marriage crashes, believe me, he won’t change, don’t let him kill you” she pulled her ears to emphasize the importance of her advice and she anticipated my defence as usual,  with her hands folded across her chest. 

“So that’s your plan, to make me single like you, its not going to happen, instead of you to be happy for me, you are trying to discourage me, advise me only when you get a man for yourself” with that I stormed out of her house vowing never to talk to her again and forged ahead with my marriage.


“Matthew, you can’t just walk away like that, I need answers!” I ran after him screaming, he looked at me briefly then turned away heading towards the bedroom door “Who is she? Why is she asking you to come over? What do you have with her?” I continued rambling after him

“She’s nobody, please get my food ready, am starving” he said without any concern, what did he take me for?, should I still feed him when apparently he’s cheating?

“Go tell that bitch to give you food, sucker!” I was fuming with anger and made to return into the room when I felt strong hands pull me back and before I knew it he had slapped me and with his hands securing my jaw. Tightly, he pulled me close to his face 

“You don’t have any right to disrespect me, I feed and clothe you, I freaking own you.” And with that he tossed me aside and started down the stairs, I scrambled up and made to follow him when I slipped and initiated a fall down the stairs.

I reached the bottom of the stairs, with blurry eyes and I watched him pick his keys and come close to me

“Next time, just make breakfast ready.” and with that he left the house. I was too weak to even move and as my eyes grew heavier and started closing out of its own volition, it all came back to me like an attached chip. 

- You can’t marry that man.

He won’t change.

Don’t let him kill you.

I won’t be here for you when you marriage crashes -

It was all over, I couldn’t struggle with my eyes again and I slipped into a peaceful coma.

©Soore Adebayo