An hefty man with thin lines stretching out unto his arm raised up his gun. He wrapped one fingers around the trigger, ready to squeeze. 

"Get the money in there." He yelled at the cashier. 

The cashier was an old Man in his late forties. A long whine tie with white stripes dropped down the knot jotting down his neck. His white shirt had been soaked, and his shoe all of a sudden had become two big for his feet. 

Just four men stood on their balls. The cashier and three other thieves. The hefty one was in a singlet. The other was pot belled. A chunky beard was hanging down his jaw. None had a mask on. The third was a slim lady. She was tall and she had a rifle resting on her shoulder. She was behind with a stick of cigarette whose smoke was accelerating to kiss the roof.

Two bags had already been filled with thousands of naira. The robbery had been staged. The vault not been visited was planned but still had over One twenty million naira in cash. Even more. 

They needed more hands and the lady lifted two scared Aboki's off the ground. She had them plug violently forward towards the counter. 

"Fill up those bags." She hollered, pointing to three other empty bags. 

*10Hours ago*

Francis spread a wide sheet on a board and he waited patiently for sunkanmi to help him with pins. They were in a small room, with two OX standing fan keeping them alive. 

Francis nodded. The sheet was perfect and he could see all what he had marked from where he stood. Now he was going to tell his gang how the robbery would be. 

"Fine. Pls listen. I would say this just this ones." Francis said. His huge chest faced the board as he went into demonstration with his fingers. 

"We would have the two of you." He pointed to the thin guy with tinted hair and the other man far off on the left. He was seated in isolation. 

"You guys would block the part leading to the bank, cause an accident and stop the police from driving through." 

They got the message. He moved over to the other side of the sheet with his fingers. 

"Jimoh! Break the walls and the doors. Let it be quick and snappy. You and your team are to clear way for squad 4." A tall guy with a dark nike bag dropping his neck, nodded in understanding. 

Francis studied the sheet again and he went silent. 

"Yeah!"  He spoke up like he struck Gold. 

"I would move in with squad 4." 

Francis looked around and he tried to study everyone's face. 

"This is not the first time I am analysing this plan. Why the silence." 

The silence got absorbed immediately and everyone began murmur until Francis screamed. "Stop!!!" 

*5 Hours Ago* 

"Get out the bullets." Sunkanmi said in a low tone. Hanna was wearing an anxious look. "This not the plan?" Hanna said. " I am trying not to guess it is." She said, loading a bullet into a long rifle. She loaded a burner and a revolver and she stocked it in a bag. 

"Set." she said. Sunkanmi held unto her hands. 

"Trust me. This is all we have to do." He said. Hanna looked into his eyes and after a while she lifted up the bag with guns and she had it on the table. She unzipped it and she brought out the revolver ad she emptied it if bullet. 

"What if he cheeks. He would never check till he hits the trigger." Sunikanmi explained. He was going to satisfy Hanna's feeling and make her feel everything was alright. 

"After this, I am going to take you to anywhere you wish to visit." Sunkanmi said. He grazed his tinted his hair. 

*2Hours ago*

Francis walked into a small room. An OX fan was standing close to a bed. A table was isolated at one end of the room with drugs scattered all over the table. 

"SK. What happened." Francis said as he drew closer. Sunkanmi was suppose burst the bank with him and now he was sick. It was good news! Running away with the whole money would become easy. But he was never going to show that.

"You can't even go no where." Francis muttered.

"I can." Francis said.

"No! You can't you would only slow us down." Francis said in a depressed tone. He stood off the foot of the bed and he made it for the exit. Francis heard the door slam close and he jumped up to his feet. After he had secured that the door was locked. He moved over to the isolated table close to the wall. then he pulled out a drawer. He brought out a map and he laid it on the table. It was a map already plotted by Francis. It contained all the escape route the police knew nothing about. It was different from what the rest of the team studied.




Two bags had already been filled with thousands of naira. The robbery had been staged. The vault not been visited was planned but still had over One twenty million naira in cash. Even more. 

They needed more hands and the lady lifted two scared Aboki's off the ground. She had them plug violently forward towards the counter. 

"Fill up those bags." She hollered, pointing to three other empty bags. 

Soon the bags got filled up and one two more bags appeared from no where. 

"Fill that up." The hefty man ordered the cashier. 

"How?" He asked. Knowing all that he had on desk had been collected. 

"Where do I get money to fill that up." The cashier asked. 

"I don't have an access to the vault. I am not the manager. I am just a cashier." 

"Francis! Stop." The fat belled man cried. Francis looked back. He pointed his gun at the fat belled guy and he said on top of his voice. 

"Who the hell are you to tell me that." He held unto the gun with both hands as he tightened his lips. His plan was to get the fat guy shot and then the girl. Blowing an alarm to the square outside, knowing if was an alert for them all to run. 

"We have to go now, Francis! Lower your gun, let's go settle this at home." The masked lady said. 

"No!!!" Francis yelled. He noticed a movement behind him and he turned around to shoot. There he missed. Nothing happened. It only became clear that the gun had no bullet. He dropped the gun furiously knowing his plan would go bursted with a gun. He closed up the gap between himself and the other pot belled rubber. The Lady rushed for the bags loaded with money, leaving the two in the struggle. She was too slow. The whole bank had gun up to help them self out, seeing the robbers had loosed guards. 

Gun shots went off but that made everyone go down again. 

Francis stood up with the rifle. The fat guy was already dead and The masked lady was already positioned to shot anyone who came closer. 

" I am sorry." Francis said, panting. He moved closer to The masked lady knowing. The whole squad that had been in place to lay up an escape route would have vanished.

"The police would be here soon. Let me help us escape." Francis said. 

"Do you have an escape route?"

"Always with a second plan." Francis flashed a smile. 

They had the trunk of a car loaded with all the cash and they planned zooming off. 

"Get in." Francis said. He got no reply. He turned back and he a punch hit his face like lightening. It was too quick for him to dodge. He cashed into the ground and The masked lady picked him up. She dragged him into the trunk of the car and she laid him in it. Right on the bags of money. She leaned on the car and she took of her mask. She could hear sounds in the bank as the police siren drew closer. Cars stopped as police men surrounded the bank. They communicated with public address system and when they got no reply. They bursted in. They sighted Hanna close to the car. She dropped her gun sighting them and whisked as she noticed two police men rushed towards her. They got closer, one grabbed her by her wrist and he swing an handcuff around both wrist. The other police man checked her to see if she had nothing on. Nothing was found. More police poured, they checked the compound while some tried breaking down the damaged security down that had been perforated with guns so the victims of the robbery could be let out. 

Hanna was led to a black Hillux and as she was about to climb in an ash coloured Lexus Jeep pulled up close to them. A tall man climbed down. He was in a black shirt well tucked in a brown chinos trouser. He took of his face cap and his tinted hair became visible. He withdrew an ID card out of his pocket as he moved closer.

"I am detective Chika. She is with me." The tinted hair man said, showing the man police standing close to him who looked superior his IDcard and he nodded in satisfaction. It was genuine. 

"Detective James. Tell me more." 

"She is an undercover up. Her name his Yinka." Chika showed James another ID card. He observed it and he returned it. It was genuine.  

Chika stretched as he help down Hanna from the car and he back of the Hillux. Right beside them an ambulance parked and Francis was wheeled out of the bank with an handcuff fastening him to the wheel. 

"Sunkanmi!" He cried as he tried getting off the wheels. 

Chika scratched his tinted hair and he smiled. He watched Francis been ridden into a van with an ambulance label. 

"Let Five men ride in that van with him." Chika said as he patted James on the shoulder. 

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