Slowly waking up to the sounds of crashing plates, I was so certain I locked all the doors so I relaxed and laid back to sleep and suddenly the noise came again this time louder and clear, I jumped to my feet, scrambling through the dark to get dressed, I put the lights on and huffed thinking all the noise was my imagination because I had chosen to stay alone tonight against my wish, I slowly walked into the living room and I jumped out of my skin when I heard the sizzling sound of my phone ringing, I hurried back to the room and without bothering to check the caller ID I answered and said “hello” there was no answer I said hello again and there was still no sound, I bent to drop my phone when the light in my room went off and as I put my phone's flashlight on, I turned and saw my perfectly white, favourite teddy soaked in blood.

 I screamed and tried to run out of the house through the back and opening the kitchen’s door in a hurry I walked into broken plates and cups. I was horrified. I did not even feel the  pain of the glass cutting through my skin, all I saw was my blood staining the tiled floor.

 I opened the door leading out of the house and then the shock of my life came through. My mum was positioned on the wall, head hanging down with blood dripping from her mouth and nose. I tasted fear and pain when I realised she was dead, then I looked down. My father and my other siblings were positioned in the most bizarre way, four of them formed the first letter of my name-MIA with blood stains everywhere on the floor, then on our pink pouch in red fresh blood stains was a sentence that said “am coming for you next." All I saw was blood, my parents and siblings and then everything went still and there I was frozen in time.

©Promise Adebayo