It was one of those misty, windy, dark, but blurry nights in the country. It had rained cats and dogs early on in the day, yet, given the plethora of the cloud in the atmosphere, there was a huge possibility of another rainfall. My room was fairly dark, as the lamp died off from lack of kerosene. 

I lay on my bed uneasily as dark thoughts acquired from horror movies, rummaged through my mind. My grandmother lay downstairs in the sitting room, spewing her guts out.  She was one hell of a sick woman. Through the wooden windows, I could see the wind sweeping through the thick forest, causing the trees to flap their wings in an unending episode of anger and fear. Darkness swept through the thick forest, blinding birds that lived on in the night, and causing trees which could not glow in the dark, to diminish into nothingness.  With every passing minute, the wind graduated from phase to phase, increasing its anger speed and force by a ton. 

Suddenly, I felt an electricity of fear wash down my spine, spreading through my body, reaching into my veins and arteries. I stumbled back a little bit as my fears gained ground, almost falling on my back. 

Then something appeared like a miniscule of a meteorite on the ground. It looked like a star which had fallen down from the heavens. It glowed, screamed and gloated with beauty. It must have been a pearl of some sort. Just as I thought it wise to move forward and take a good gaze at the little wonder, it increased in size a little, causing my alarm bells to clutter. Minute by minute I stood watching, the music of evil and darkness eating into my loins with its harpoon effect.  Somehow, I couldn't move an inch as fear had its grip on me. The evil pearl now grew even larger and more gigantic. Then I saw it grow arms on both sides like a chimpanzee: large and long gigantic arms. It put its arms on the ground, as if asking for support from the innocent plant litters which lay on the ground. Then it rose up like a phoenix. It gathered long, large all - haired legs. It was amazing that the ground didn't cave it. Something darkly shiny shone in its eyes: those were its eyes and they poked out like the owl's. 

It took a giant leap forward, crushing every plant and animal life its gigantic legs stepped out. It pushed away huge trees as though they weren't even there.  

All that while I just stood watching in awe and fear. It was coming to me, approaching me...closing in on me, yet there was nothing I could do. All I could do was allow myself to be enslaved by the fear which had washed all over my body. That was all. 

The night had grown indiscriminately and indescribably dark, but the giant monster shone lights like Halloween candles. After crushing every living and non - living creature in its way, it got to my door and howled loudly, causing the heavens to shake and the clouds to sway from side to side. Plant roots moved from side to side as chattels in my room fell off and the roof of my house yanked off. Now I stood in the starlight, the only thing separating me from this monster was an old wooden door, which the monster could afford to obliterate with a sigh. 

Quickly, it yanked off the door with one of its giant arms seizing me together with other tiny things.  It stared dangerously and frighteningly into my eyes, causing my pupils to sink and my heart run away from my body. Even my soul wanted to leave me. It spoke some words which I couldn't put a meaning to, but judging from how its eyes flared and gleamed with blood, I gathered it was angry at something or someone; that someone being me, patently.  

As I raised my head up to stare back into its scary eyes, it headed downwards for my head opening its mouth wide. It revealed all the disgusting things in its mouth. Darkness closed in on me as I felt my soul leave my body and my head away from the remaining part of me. It retreated a bit, devouring   my bitten off head as though it were Christmas cakes. The other part of me which had a little bit of life in it, plumped onto the ground as I departed to the land of the dead. 

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my head, caressing me and shouting at me! I felt the hand run over my body and open my eyes a little bit. Quickly, I rose up and saw my mother staring fearfully into my eyes.  A Monster called and I felt it in my dream but my mother, she had no idea.

©Cornelius Khojo