It was a Cold morning in Moscow. A lady sat in her living room. It was on the Last floor of a big apartment. An half emptied bottle was on her table. She had been up before the cold grew thicker. A blank piece of paper was over laid with a pen. Finally she opened her mouth. Her small lips was dry and she revived it as she rolled her wet tongue over it. 

She had come up with what she wanted. Now she knew what she would write. 

She opened up the bottle and she took a wide gulp. With the bottle off her lips. She frowned sitting it on the table and she picked up her pen, then she began to write. 

After about 20 minutes she was done. Sweat covered her like she had just toiled. Indeed she had. She folded the letter and she wrote behind it. -FROM YOUR LOVE IN MOSCOW- 

She slipped it in an envelope and she wrote behind it.

Port furwool

450  Barney way

Sanades Carlifonia.

She drew her bottle closer, her breath was hot and her grip was eager. She was ready for another sip.


It was tighter than every in Moscow, after the Missing Box which was said to have contained a Nuclear weapon from a Military base in Moscow. It is believed that whosoever had the weapon stolen wont have a choice but to send the activation code Via letter out of Moscow, since no one was allowed in nor out of the boder except Top government officials. And this would go on for Months until the box will be discovered. 

It was all politics. If the box truly contained Nuclear weapon, the government would have turned down every ditch and bin to get out the missing box. The 1908 Missing Gold vault which was sneak out of Russia border was a bigger example. It was found within 24 hours. The box was found before it reached Carlifonia. That was just a vault, containing some important documents. The republic of Russia is not up for such. "The theif must be an expect who had been planning this move right after he got his feet up on the soil." Nevert paper had describe clearly. Before the government stepped on their lips. It was a giant move. 


A short man with a sun tanned face. Looked through his thick lashes. He looked tired and stressed. His brown teeth came up as he yawned. He laid his head on his table leaning foward, resting on some letters. Beside him were over hundred envelopes piled up like a step. One upon each other. A small window on the wall opposite him was opened and all he heard was a scream. "Are you sleeping again" "Nor Sier" He replied curtly. He scattered the letters angrily and picked one of it eventually. 

 Behind it was this

Port johnwood

450  Barney way

San Francisco, CA

He unsealed it, Brought out the letter and he unfolded it. He rubbed the edge of the paper to see it had been doubled. He sniffed noticing it was a single letter. He picked up a lense that had been lying close to his hands on the table, and he looked at the Letter. Perhaps it had been encoded with some invincible ink, like those used by the german during the first world war. Nothing was found.   

Then he proceeded to the last part of his screening process. 

He coughed gently as the Salutation hit his eyes.

Hello love.

I really cant tell you how much i am missing you, how crazy I have been without you. Baby just be careful.

I love you...

He folded back the letter and he frowned. He threw it in the box where all the letter whose screening had been successful were kept. Here he looked up to the roof and he pitied his stars. He was eventually going to retire if the missing box was not found quickly. He laid on the table gently again, his eyes were closing up gradually when he heard the window fly open again. It was his boss screaming his name again. This time he decide he would not lay on the table when next he wants a break. He would just close his eyes and sleep up then he would pray he doesn't snore. 


one the 12th of January 1981. Port checked his mail box and he found out the very letter he had been waiting for had arrived. he collected it and he walked back right into his small apartment. He unlocked his living room door and he dropped the letter on the table. He sat with it and he smiled, his deep blue eyes, reflected he was anxious. He unsealed the envelope, brought out the letter and he began to read.

Hello love.

I really cant tell you how much i am missing you, how crazy I have been without you. Baby just be careful.

I love you 

I love you

I love you.

I will be with you as soon as the borders get opened.

The cold here is much, but still I love you.

 count every letter apart and you will see how much I love you.

Even if your love is tripled my heart will contain it.

Take my love for it.

Every sound for it.


Your love Jessica.

He smiled as he dropped the letter. He walked back to his door which led out of his passage and he pulled a large wood across it. He was back in the living room again, smiling. The letter had stimulated a type of joy in him that he could not explain. 

he climbed up with the help of his table, a stool in his hands., He jerked the stool at the roof and a hole was created. He went higher, his whole weight resting on his toes as he searched the hole with his hands. Yes! He pushed out his tongue as he laid hold on something. He dragged it till he could pull it out of the hole in one more pull. He pulled it one more time and he was done. It was a large metal box. He dropped it and he picked up the letter a pen against it like he had not read it before. He scanned through quickly and his eyes jumped to the 12th line which Say's "Every sound for it."

He read it all over again and on the 7th line he stopped and he read it again "The cold here is much, but still I love you." Quickly he replaced the word "cold" with "Code" and he circled the word "I love you"

Right then he knew the code in the letter had been represented with the word "I love you."

He jumped to the 11th line and there he read "Even if your love is tripled my heart will contain it." He looked through the letter briskly and he found where the word "I love you" had been tripled. 

He found it this way on the 4th, 5th, and 6th line.

"I love you

 I love you

 I love you."

Then he switched into calculation, with his brain spinning faster than a powered wheel.

He counted The number of "I"s and he got "3" he counted "L-O-V-E" as four different letters and now that it had appeared 3 times that made it "12", and the word "you" which had 3 different letters had appeared 3 different times and that is "9" He frowned noticing the code ought to be 5 different numbers then he looked again and he found a dot beside the last word which was love and that represented "1". putting it all together the whole code was "31291" No one else would have encoded the letter if not him. He looked around the box till he found where he would be inputing the codes. The box creaked open after his first attempt. The code was correct. Port held his mouth covered with his palm. Jessica was right. The box was filled with Gold, glittering.

He dashed out of his living room and he returned with a blank piece of paper. He setled it on the table and he wrote on the paper in this manner 

hello love.

I. will be in Moscow before Christmas, i have. gotten you the fur jacket you wanted, and from now on you won't be opened. to cold,  it. is very expensive, in. fact  it. cost my 5month wages, But is. nothing, even if you ask me to get you a bar of gold. I will,

Before dot.

your love Port

Nothing was wrong with the letter he sent back to Moscow and no one on earth was going to understand it, except Jessica.

She got it after 1month and 3days. She ripped open the letter and her eyes hit the last line which instructed her to Read only the words that were written before a dot sign ("."), and by doing that she was left with this in the letter. " I.have.opened.it. in.it.is.gold." 

©Okhuoya Temitope