10th hour thief 

 Wu Chan,  picked up his phone as he got the beep.  He raised it close to his ear and he took his eyes off the water spring. It was his younger brother on the line. Yung! was to come visit Wu from Hongkong. It's been 20 years Wu left Hongkong for London,  never to return. Yung was too persistent and when it got to Wu's neck.  He sent some cash home for his brother get a ticket and come spend summer with him.  It was against his motive but he had to see his brother again.  It had been a while.  He dropped the call after he had confirmed his brother was in town and he warned him not to talk to anyone.  The strict instruction he gave was to follow the address he had already dropped him in his mail. He had given him enough money to take a double train around London for 24hours.  

Wu lifted up the bottle of beer he had at hand and he emptied.  A fling to the left and he watched it spin ear to ear down the tower's height. He knew it was illegal to stay up but had to because of the nature of his job.  He had taken time to study the movement and he knew a lot of people would be around the spring and he carefully selected a dark spot where he would hide to nab away bags,  wristwatches and wallet.  That was how he had been surviving.  He literally called himself the 10th hour thief.  

Wu visited a cafeteria near by for a bowl of Chinese rice.  That was his routine.  He checked his wrist frequently and when it was some few minutes pass 10 he got off and he paid his bills. He walked away, ready for business.  


Wu stood close to a wall in a dark alley.  He held a knife and his breath rasped behind his throat.  He wondered why there had been no movement down the path. He adjusted the cross bag that was digging into his side and he flashed his torch at his wrist. It was about 11:02 He turned off the light quickly Sensing footsteps toward the alley. He went mute and became as silent as ever. He noticed the movement pass him and he stretched for a grab.   He was too lucky,  this time. His hands went around a bag.  He gave it a strong pull in the dark and he sensed it was a guy on the other end struggling not to let go.  It wasn't his first.  They would always give up. He threw a staggering fist in the dark and he watched it swim into an empty space.  Quickly he flipped out his knife and he plugged it through all that he came against.  He felt a body dropped and he smelt relief.  He pulled off the bag from the shaking body and he could feel blood in his hands.  He cared less and when he was done.  He searched for his wrist watch blindly.  He got hold of the bleeding guy's wrist and in an attempt to pull off, he sensed a restrain.  His knife worked quickly and the calmness was restored.  He was done and he gathered all he had stolen so he could zoom off the dark alley, before he would get robbed by another thief. He flashed his light at the victim and paused,  with his jaw freezing up.  He looked closer at the Chinese guy laying in the pool of his blood and felt a bolt of panic eating him up.  He lowered his height and he reached out for the guy's wallet. Then he noticed he already had that picked. 

-He can't be my brother- He thought with his light hovering the ground. It settled on a bus ticket and Visa.  He flipped the visa open and his eyes came against the name 'YUNG CHAN' 

It was like a dream never to come true.  Did he just rob his brother? The truth is that he just killed his brother.  

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya