Little did I know it was never.

I thought it would last for eternity, like an imaginary rain drop, clouding the heart of a kid to wish for one certain pleasurable moments for ever.

My heart melts in this Dew,

I feel I would not live a day more like my time on earth is due.

I couldn't even think of a moment without you.

I feel my walls has been painted with a dark hue.

You shouldn't have stayed those moments.

You shouldn't have created that vacuum, that space.

You shouldn't have stayed one bit with an hint on sweetness only to let me off in a whole new place.

Would I ever wake off this slumber?

I let this be, fact that you joked with my feelings, will I let that be?

You came and you changed me!

You saw me in need of love, but it would have been better if you had let me be.