I can't believe I was fooled again

You know the answer can't repeat my self again

I fell for your lies

And you web around me you ties

I love you, I would never hurt you

But you sold my love out, you!

You casted it before swines

My precious pearls they soil

How could you pretend like you love me?

How where you able to keep the lies from me?

I moulded my world round you

Believed no one but you

We were supposed to be friends

We can't be family now foes

I taught I could share my secret with you

But with every words, I feel too open for you

You couldn't get over the x

Clinging round you is your ex

I taught the future was with you

Yes, I taught the world revolved round you

Disappointed I was

I couldn't believe it was a BC

The same lines for S

The same lyrics for Ex

The same sweet for X

©️akomolafe rebecca