Painting my heart out on a canvas, I feel drained in essence, 

Feeling I have crossed the border, but brother I am bound to no fear,

Well indebted to you, fenced in the certain love you have shown in time past,

Just like the clock's hand, one bothers about why the other would be too fast. 

Time pass on a slim line,

our friendship quite strong, 

you sly, and on my bud you lay the lime,

You smiled while I was in pain,

I felt you wanted me fine,

Locked down with wages quite diminishing,

What then is the rich man's gain.

The poor, blinded in sight, appraise he who has himself under the generous light of fame,

Misplaced priority has vision to blame,

Brother I felt no one could be a better brother to me, 

Until you tried so had to make me believe all men could choose to be the same. 

I covered,

When the burner was aimed at your deer, 

I was a brother, 

When the hunters came at you, dear. 

I wanted no pay back, all I wanted was to share a gaze with the mirror, 

Reflecting on my present state, by my side I wanted you there,

Whisper courage, hope, peace, love

I wanted you to care. 

Look into my eyes, moments I would be hunted by the dark night, 

Absorb the whole of my fear, 

'You are strong', that was all I needed to hear. 

I took you for God, tethered on the edge,

I took you for God, believed you'd help,

I took you for God, it got into your head, 

And all the good histories, you forgot.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya