cruising on a fast lane, was me

Attached to a feeling that life was mean,

to me. 

My hope to be. 

Life counted us all as a "We" 

Friends wont fight your war,

you need to let pains run through your marrows.

kill the ability to feel. 


Once upon a time. When the town crier could not jump down the hills. 

How far can pride take you. 

God can hear you, Why not go down on your kneels. 

Life holds you down once you stand against your will.

"Mum loves you" isn't that more than a Will. 

The will

to be free.

Work hard, keep your aim on the roll.

Go get yourself a wheel.

Make mama proud when she sights you years later behind a wheel. 

Will you die, 

leaving your kids without a will.

God felt so great when Christ mission was fulfilled. 

Before you is life and death,

My intention is for you to live an healthy life 

not ill about how anyone feels. 

i see you nod your head in agreement,

is that a deal.

©Okhuoya Temitope