We had a dream 

We had a dream. 


we had a vision of something built. 

We had this idea, 

Fold hands and watch things get built.  

Once we had a dream, 

We saw a city, Set on a spoke. 

A view off the horizon spoke,

our hopes were set on high, 


our hopes got us ready to climb.  

Mountains on high, 

Our mothers said our morals had to be schooled, 

Our hopes were finally suggested to strikes.  

Obadofin Michael Oluwamayowa 

Olajide Oladayo Henry, Those where our ballers back then in high school.

Hope y'all still know how to strike. 

Value of the system goes up,

You believe we are too lazy to chase dreams, 

yet to put our tuition fees on the hike.  

We break shed, cause fusion. 

Riot all day, believing this is a fight for our future.  

With sweet words, you promise a tomorrow unsure.

Many of us would have been Gods on the mic, or the next fashion gem Forbes magazine would want to feature. 

But you make us foster Doctors, Nut engineers.

We could have been the next Viril, Drake, designer or future. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya