We are victims,

Yeah, Inhabitants of a dystopia,

Where we searched diligently for


But found none.

Where We are forced to lie in bed of


And mandated to wake like


Where We get nothing but metal

chewing sticks,

But instructed never to see a dentist.

Here where We are expected to fly,

With the archaic broken wings given

to us,

Where we are offered tattered


To chase our dreams.

We toiled, we cried, we prayed, we


We even threw wishes into the cold

air of twilight.

We blazed trails through thick


We sailed through stormy weathers,

Yet our journey still continues.

Our excruciating journey,

To a land which we know nothing of,

A land we wish would be hospitable,

A Land we hope to be rich with


A land Devoid of cries, pains and

aborted dreams,

Yeah, that type of land we visited

many a times,

In our ephemeral fantasies.

©Anfofun Hillary