Victim of love 

I was daffy when i saw her.

I felt the beauty in her like.

Like the stars in the sky.

I was drown in the sea of love.

Wine to man,

I to her.

The more i grew, the more it bloomed.

Days ran into week, weeks to month; months to years...

Together we grew along

Just like the winds blow away,

My heart blew along.

Thinking she was gone. 

Alas, she had been stolen.

I wailed,

that my bloomed flower is gone.

A claim was too far to be laid.

Loneliness ate deeper and deeper.

And the seasons drifted faster and faster.

I was left with no notices,

except the leaves.

It dried brisker and brisker. 

I looked around again,

She was no where to be found.

©Raji toheeb