Above all, here is my generosity for the take.
Two things I don’t give off to those bracing their realness in my face.
My third eyes is the real deal.
I get high on a scraper, an attempt to spot the fakes.

Two things I don’t give,
A f*ck and a fuq.

One thing I would ever take.

Soil my hands with goodness,
I dropped the first, wrapped in tight silent bars.
This is me walking you through a solitude of air packed muteness.

Your savagery might be a tail to a pre suicidal trail.
Kill every f*cker with words, tell them the truth about how deep they suck.
And when the cops show up,
Hit the street for a run,
Take the fence, this might be fun.

Never the less.
The less is blessed off the greater.
So take a bow at the master's feet, head locked at the master’s knee.
King Kendrick’s saying was a lead to me boxing my energy.
He told me, 'Exodus 14'.
A humble man is all the world would ever need.
Not giving a f*ck is the Master's survival technique.
That's how he has always lived.