transformation in change

 call out the class-monitor of the nation 

ask him... av ye meet yer albatross ?

is the doom knocking on the door?

a noose remain on the neck?

but never gone too soon...

ye sail us from harbour to the middle of the sea

were everything remains open...

'uncover they are'

so you say.

The cold of the sea has now been planted on our skin,

when will we reach the bay.

silent everyone remain.

as the storm blows 

are we been transformed into the seek change.

now it known.

is it the transformation that stalled the ship

or is there another change awaking.

Everyone ones rose for the change

because in change we once laid trust.

but the ship remain socked with water,

The captains and the sailors are lost.

ye give broom

We are tired of sweeping your dust and lies.


the music changes. 

Are we to mop tears with out suits and ties.

now nothing has change

the stomach still is dancing to the change music,


baba do it fast we beg 

on the sick bed...don can be don

turn un un un

Now that we are in the heat,

are we to do hehehehehehehE

©Toheeb Raji