Together Forever 

I did the summary of what we had,

What we felt for each other.

I did a quick review, but proposing was hard. 

Love groomed two and it never made one forsake the other.

Love groomed two and no one, 

was out of order.

Despite all,  love was the mantle that guaranteed moving an inch further.  

The love was certain,

This love was the greatest we could attain.  

It contained touches that made all things even.

It compound moments that shield away our evil.  

Despite our differences this love did make us even. 

The equation was a shallow relief!

Other said 1+1 should be 1

all i saw was we staying together forever, all i envisioned was an eleven.

 Days you were away,

I would quake in the cold from 7 till 11. 

I met you at 25 but it looked like you were that beautiful girl that bloomed my moment as a kid,  I started crushing as early as 11.

For love I forced you to play Soduku with me, Stage 11 was just the hardest Level.

Days I looked into your eyes,

all I saw was an escape to paradise.

A short trip to heaven. 

If staying with you was hell, 

fact that I would never loose my soul,  would never make me lie about coming down to hell to stay forever in your arms.  

I stand on the truth and the truth is me praying for you to see that we could be happy together staying in heaven.  

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya