We were the night that walked about the day

We were the stain on the garment of the sunlight 

Miming the beauty of our ancestors 

in our natural sense and colour 

The rules were laid  on our shoulder 

with rigid cause to bear even when it is hotly colder 

Along with punishment in our own palm

with no sacrifice for remedy to stand 

The days when we stand our ground was fun and found 

Days when our songs were sung 

to the ears of he who listened and was moved to dance 

We go crazy in our own ground, not ones

Overwhelmed with joy to remember not our mysterious and dying land  

After then, it all became a story to be told of

How our unbeatable were beaten 

How our giant fell to the underground of the ground 

In one night, one hour, one minute, one seconds it was like 

The time we lost the cost to be us 

It was the time they came and scared us 

The time they claimed they love us

Buying our culture to change us 

Blindfolding us to help us 

We fought, we cursed, we called, and sought things to save our status 

but our eyes were still made the fool of what we saw

Till our mother land was lost.  

©O. N. Justice.