What a wondrous land i am

My taste bud is waiting for its prey

No substrate to act on

My mouth is opened

Waiting to press play and start chewing

But,it all ends in a sad story

My nose knew the state of my mouth

It had gone a few miles to look for food

My saliva is already bubbling

Like a boiling water,

Luckily it found one

But could not complete its journey back home

The air has stolen the food

My journey continued in the desert of scarcity

All hope is gone

Suddenly i saw a river with a canoe on it

I sailed on it and arrived at the city

I heard a voice like a siren

Calling the name of my destination

I dashed at the moving vehicle

In not less than 15 minutes

I got to my dream land.

My nose ran before me to my house

It rushed back like a flame,with much excitement

I quickly dashed at the door

The aroma of the food nearly sent me back,

to the desert in a trance,

I shouted the blood of Jesus from the trance and i ran to the dinning.

My taste buds were  biting each other,

When the food was traveling to the stomach.

At last,


See the wondrous land again,

After ASUU strike