even if i were to spiel about time.

those times i missed it should ostentate in the light, not even at night

those times i fell and i couldn't even see the hanging clock from an height.


those times my eyes went blur, when my vision couldn't have a relish of reality and my dreams went sour.

i felt it was pain, padding my heart full.

then i would sit in the atmosphere of clouded thoughts,

ascribing no other name to my self than a fool.

my eyes were filled with regrets so i cried making my tears cup less full.


i had wasted my time dreaming, and

 my feelings couldn't tell me it was time to work hard.

i felt so snugged in the rest i had.

No one slept in the kingdom, they were all on guard.


They worked with wisdom, 

power only trot out once and this availed the kingdom.

And when it was time, time for they that worked to rest, hunger blowed me hard with anger.

i was forced to wake and work then time never grew younger. neighter was the length of longer.


 They said i was slow, i needed to work fast.

i ogled up and i complained about the alacrity of time, i said it was too fast, 

everyone was fast 


i worked without food, my moirai was to fast.

i deplored, seeing time ride off before me in my own cart.


AUTHOR: Okhuoya Temitope