Ride on a bike and take the whole world on a ride.

Bike a ride and take out a whole troop, warlords raging on a ride.

Ride a hike and help paint a picture for the things I regret.

The things I did when it was night, 

Things I wouldn't be proud of,

things I did that were indecent.  

Things I did when the ride was over and the day came instead of the night.

This was like a dark night, frequently  making me to stumble over another man's right. Days like this was me living without the light. 

I was like a ranging knight, painting the whole of the city red before the real fight. 

I was away from perfection, never had I taken a chance off my life to sit miles away from the aisle and think of a will. I was always on the left side of life, I never thought of things right?  

I always thought I could be right! as long as I felt alright.  

All that I had left undone, if done could have gone undone.  

Without reasons I chose to be unreal.

I ran off wars and I felt battles 'Un' won. 

Only to reach the end of the cliff, searching for a creature who could do better than run. 

Flying in escape could have been fun.

This was the life I lived.

Only for the dollars sign was why I lived.

Placing bitches on my payroll was how I lived. 

Replacing 0's with 2,

Luxury made me get off bed at noon,

seeing it was just a few minutes past two, made me bloom. 

Luxury took wisdom from me and left me with no tool. 

Not just luxury, greed made me look more of like a fool. 

I spill bottles and I would never get away from dinner till my belle was full.

I wanted everyday to be an holiday, 

Just like April 1.

I lived everyday like a fool. 

I engineered parties for just two.

Sell off late father's farm at 1 and spend all it returns before it clocks 2. 

pay tens of dollars for a pretty lady and hundreds if they were more than two. 

I wish I had one 

one who had told me sentence not more than this two.

1... You lack wisdom.

You would wreck if you keep living like a fool, could have been the perfect 2. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya