The wall cracks,
too much of perception, rumors sinking deep that the walls had too much of the knowledge making it way to knowledgeable,

that the walls knew too much about the house,
they said the walls served, running around the house for six years, it should be seven,
the whole story sound questionable.

There two black birds sitting on THE wall

how about we talk about human characteristics, lack of definition, the way the human mind work could be redefine in an article soon to come, chanting and ranting about the world Divine.
There could be another home if all this should fall.

There are two black birds sitting ON the wall.

Pick a stone and shake off the truth when it hits at your yard, period! Ready to expose all your skeleton, best to be left un touched.
Kill the truth when it pops on the raider all over again.
Your prepared thesis to counter the clear evidence to your killings, is in the news all over again.
buy time till you outlast time, but no time is timed not to catch up with your period.

Instead of this insanity you spreading like a FUD, why not save periods to talk to your secret mistress. You call it a family tradition not to kill a kid but you go all man slaughter behind this walls, unseen.
What you gon do now, that your secret mistress just missed her period!

  1. Tell the world about it, and eat up the shame, since you have a wife who shouldn't know.

  2. Kill the unborn child like the government ripping off the country's wealth at early stages, killing the innocent to cover up their tracks, telling lies to us, like you did while laying down promises to your mistress about you staying with her forever.

All this might give your ego the right shoot and the exact amount of steroid.

but I am on, this is the masses period to treat the whole truth right since it came with an ACE validation, and to be serious.
No one wants to see your face monthly, how do we survive your eight years agenda with the price of always climbing the tree, as always.
What do our average ladies do when they sit on their period.

There are two black birds sitting.
Always would be, the rich who doesn't want any one to be richer.

The government who guide the country's resource just for their pocket like they have found the perfect HER.

Godwin Okhuoya