Are you the friend who visits us twice per annum? 

Have you sent a letter to come?

Are you incredible in visiting without  notice? 

What can we say to those you lay your hands on?

Are they called to ghost? 

Have you come to distract out room?

Our houses have special rooms, but there is no place for you to stay

Even parts of the kitchen can not hold you to stay

"I want here," said by you 

Why don't you discard yourself from here?

Your red eyes, not flenching

Like a scanner, it scans in danger

And the eyes remain, fluttering open and close again

See them running  on the street,  

Abandoning their houses for the visitor 

Look at them running  up and down

But, this visitor looks more strange 

You shake our Landlord 

You shake our houses 

You have visited us twice in twelve days 

But your anger hit our land

To save forty of us from death

But as of yesterday, 

They turned into one-twenty, 

and today,

250 have given  up the ghost.

©Raji Toheeb