I don't know what to think of you.

The fact that you don't have sense, 

better still,

Let's push this to the fact that you still have no sense which is more alarming than ever. 

This is why I believe you live every day on the average, like one who would, 

push the earth sideway because he could. 

Forgetting his siblings don't live above mars or on the moon. 

Same dude will break stores, steal pencil and eraser leaving out the food. 

Why can't he think,

I wish he could. 

Leave me in a cycle of thought,

I place my head in a secured hut,

a place where nothing hurts.

 It  has a thatch roof and a circle of muds.

The old man down street once had a daughter who would wear tear tear jeans and shirt with holes as wide as a lion's dead pit. 

Her name is Winnie.

Same Winnie would use old man's money to run hours in gym,

trying to keep her skinny body fit.

She could have invested more in her head just to keep her senses fit. 

Make up kit like one on a suicide mission, 

Yet you beg bros around for recharge card and cash. 

I know you with this phrase. 

"Can I send you my acct details, bae I have nothing left to eat." 

You boy friend Benson, rocks down town with one laptop that can run a multiple we chat app and kiki, 

Dent up IP address and roll out mails making Google wonder like Stephen wonder screaming on a morning show 'Who the hell is that kid' 

He is the number 1 internet gang star, ose! 

Ponography monster, Baddest! Ose!  He not been a programmer makes me wonder how he could press keyboard for that long and not fall sick. 

I respect the fact that we do business, but you need a therapist. 

I can't believe you to be normal, after you stayed awake all night scamming DBOYX father, check pending mails by 6 and you expect not to be scammed by a boy who is just six. 

Watch out for your first son thought about deliberate fee hikes when he clocks Six. 

This is all I have for you. 


One word is enough for the wise.

If my drummer boy's name was skyes.

Permit me to say 'Two sticks are enough for you, skyes' 

But if the summary of all that I have put here exceeds three words,

Then 3 words should be enough to bash the thought line of one who wants to be wise. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya