I can make the wrong right.

But it is late and dark,

correcting my wrong will be impossible if I can't write.

Having a stable light, I think should be one's fundamental right. 

in the darkness should no one be left.

Light makes things right. 

Permit me now to pen down my wrongs.

with a pen, so light. 

"I don't want to write" 

That's just an excuse.

Removing every block, life has placed,

still won't make me do right.

Let's put writing aside,

pen to the left, Sheet to the right. 

Let's talk about the dark reality.

The major streets still don't have light. 

Darkness still envelops the city. 

Can't you see?

The ocean and the sea.

doing wrong, in me is like salts in the sea. 

Your opinion might be larger than the largest water body,

but doing right, to me might eventually be like a burden. 

If doing right ain't my hobby. 

You complain every second, 

I can hear you murmur, every time i walk across the lobby. 

You forget to see the little right,

 I do often;

and this triggers me to frequently go off tune. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya