It was on a strange night

The moon blinded, no twilight

Mother had carried it for ten month straight

Mother was in pain throughout the night

Then the strange morning came

Mother bleed so bad, we taught she would die

Unexpectedly, popping its head first

Then vomited it red-whitish body

The size of a red-neck... Almost without life

No cries, not even a laugh

*sàngbàngelète ò-ò-ò*

A gust of wind swept through the room

A cold shiver ran down my spin to my hood

Is mother's baby dead?. Oh motherhood

The nurse helter skelter she ran

Iya agbebi with her fallen breast

Pinched mother's baby so hard


Its cry broke the dawn to day

Renting into the thin air, 

Resounding in every ward of the *hosipitu*

Mother's strange baby

©️akomolafe rebecca