The little boys on the blocks played tricks, ending up the convos with lot of words.
I was the think-slow guy. Slow to the arms, too slow; wrestling in thoughts' war, I end up with the defeat.
Slow to the feet, slow to the boot.
My system was down, off guard with confusion. Still, I was slow to reboot.
Few hours ago, we rushed off to the chapel. It was now clear, we all memorized the apostle creed-
Ermmm, I will get back to that. Painting the whole pictures in multi colours, a bit too distinct and far. Way extensive, more expressive, it clouded my little mind like the rainbow colour.
Then I was confused. This would be us bursting the same cribs that gave us the feed.
Gave us promises, water, class. Made us aspire to wear white gowns that will rest at the end of our feet.

So I tried to protest!
I knew it was all wrong, but my suggestion was ripped off right at my lips.
They were the older boys, they made me feel like a kid.

So I sat, hands pocketed in my jean.
My balls popping off my socket as I stared.
Still scared, then I asked?
“What are we stealing today?”

The tallest of the boys watched me with despair.
It was all in his eyes, a blind man could see.
Trapped in his voice, a deaf man would quake at his feet.
‘But this not being right’,
that was to all I could feel.

Then I joined them.
It was my first time on the blocks. My eyes were eager for something new.
My eyes demanded for something to feed on.
But I was confused with objection, not sure of where I belong.
I never knew;
If this would be a start for a new beginning,
Or if this would be a start for actions unending.