The holy book laid dustily on grandpa's shelve

Abandoned to the roaches and rats

Sermon and service... An history so past

The holy teaching forgotten, the holy hymn neglected, holy incense burnt out

The holy house filled with webs and weeds, deserted for so long.

Flash!!! .... loud noises... Aarrgggg!

I had to cough out some so suddenly,I almost choked on my cigar.

 I rose up to check what the loud noise was, knocking my bottle of beer in the process.

Shit! I muttered under my breath, 

shrands of broken glass tore my wrinkled feet, as I walked my way to the window. 

A gust of east wind hitted my face almost immediately, if only I knew the eternal doom ahead of me.


Just down the street, everyone was running helter skelter. My jaw dropped at the screaming crowd. It should be about midday, but the sun ... Is there an ellipse?

Dan!!! I screamed

Dan my lover, or rather a sex mate... I have a new boyfriend he mustn't know about.

I rushed back to the bed, he layed motionless on the bed. I tried waking him but he won't bulge. My throat suddenly went dry, I could feel beads of sweat gathering on my forehead.

Strands of my 'Brazilian hair' glued to my bleached face

Dan!!! Wake up please.

The noise outside was getting more fierced, do taunting

The noise drowning my voice, the scream piercing my heart.

Amidst the chaos and noise, I found my way to the door, round through the rusty stairs. And with every unsure steps, I wish the building to fall on me.

Outside, the wind shook the whole world.

The sky so dark, a bird that had taken shelter in a nearby eave was blown from its perch with a rustle of wind and a spiraling shriek.

A cold shive ran down my spin... I tried to glup down fresh air.

I closed my eyes, and it all came flooding back, could it be true?

Has it happened, God! 

Mama spoke about it, 'The Night'... The judgment!

She told us all, stream of tears ran down my face... This is the end

The unavoidable doom is here

And just then, I saw the monster called Satan, smiling so sheepishly adored in all rudiments of Gold and Gems. And he beckoned...

©️akomolafe rebecca