We met on Valentine's Day 

We talked and made a date

Then we never got to see

He's so cute and fine

Couldn't get my mind off him

He's the good type, I was so sure of it 

He was tripping and I knew it

My personality got him singing everytime 

We got separated by distance 

I ran away from the truth but never gave up on you 

I knew you could be my one and only 

But I was scared and tensed 

After some years, I lost my fears 

I choked it up and followed you up

I searched and found you

And now I'm never letting go 

No more flaws,  no more pretence 

Here I am baby, take me as I am

I trust you'll take care of me

As I'll do to you 

I'll be your Queen and you, My King 

Just take me as I am.