With lines that touch.

My soul touched.

light emerging the spark.

My heart swayed. 

I felt it touch,

I was ready for a search,

Avowed with lite facts.

I had no torch.

I coughed,

it suffused out of my lungs.

up my throat. 

my heart was fluxing into a pool of inspiration. 

I longed.

a line against my breath.

death I felt.

I fought,

death left.

A new breathe,

I wanted a quick growth.

One more stretch

and i would be up with a record crumbling length. 

I wanted to secure momma a new kneel covering skirt. 

Mentors told me Been Successful was a tailor.

I Over heard he stays on the outskirt. 

If been was successful first name. 

and Win,

was succesfull's  best game.

I would play for a win on the Big ground

Displaying my talent where all eyes would see 

Getting momma a new skirt is all I see.

My name headlining Top news,

Doing stellar movies screen play is all I see.

Building a super colossal empire,

 in the deepest deep is all I see.