The dark numbing swash of cold Kumasi winds pass me by, 

A hideous furnace of despair burns within my breast, 

My thoughts are reposed into meandering rocks of confusion,

As numberless garments of loneliness encloth me.

My frightened dreams wiggle away 

Leaving behind tremulous bits of hope dancing in-between the walls of my fingers. 

Oh broken voices of the despaired?

Why did you  align against me?

Emotions rumble in my head like volcanoes in the womb of the ocean 

And condemns me to the fate of a tear which lies by the graveyard.

And as the broken sighs of the night's wind girdles up the shores of my rooftop 

Hopelessness fastens its hand to the seatbelt of eternity. 

While intermittent waves of desolation whip past me like incessant volumes of geysers singing across the desert of broken dreams.

©Evans Khojo