The mood you are is the mood you act

The taught in us and steps we take are who we are

No one can find the light no one can change the fact

The one in us known by no one is the one they track

They don't wanna leave us to pay

For our own and by ourselves to fined our own way 

They brag as our shoulder not knowing its our own race

Our heart grieves, connoting "run away"

Its our aim starting like charity at home

But still, no leaf on the tree can be lone

Its our fight, we beseech. Just our own

If not freed, the ability of the bird to fly high won't be known   

Our silence, our fight, our pain, our cry

Silent we are, respecting our culture to bow at their sight 

Hungry in a food house, our yoke they can't see to certify 

Just let the dove out to see how high it can go, it won't be a good buy!.

©Nosa Osas