I see the rain, 

dropping down from your very eyes.

The wave caught you by surprise.

This wave came from your crush

and it did crush your emotions by surprise. 

This wave picked you up a rift.

Left you dependent, and made you live on a friend's very life.

You don't wanna die, you fight for life, with air trapped in your lungs and fart trapped in your rectum, 


It happened in the twinkle of an eye. 

Will you come down?

Will this be a journey from a despicable height?

Will you have all eyes glued on you in a banking hall?

Will you be a first class laughing stock to folks that are partially high. 

Shit happens, I know!

Will you return to the crib, get a pack of trams, bottle of cod and knock till you get very high. 


Will you walk out the banking hall,

you must have been done depositing. 

Hit the nearest mall,

Catch new shirt, pay in full, and forget about depositing,

pay for em all. 

The idea of shit happens,

I move on.

Would save you the from the sweeping waves, and make you free like giant aves.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya