Taking a trip to the island 

It's me breaking through turbulence 

on a free day.

A push back, off pay day. 

Gathering the whole of the mall, 

signature on the wall like a touch of ink, a slash of ink on the check. 

You shop on my sweat, my cards on the desk to pay. 

The debit alert almost heart wrenching, it was a hundred k! 

Indebted to love, I feel grateful you spent off me. 

My senses must be roasting and I am down smiling at the heat.

Hyped up to a wave I said 'hey'! 

I must have been charmed! 

Mama is hungry, and I am down like; how?  

How on earth did I give up the whole eternity of my savings, expanding the magnitude of my debt? 

I was just thinking, not saying. 

My thoughts crashed when she touched me on the shoulder. 

The revoke for my senses to pick up a battle and end this self scam stopped when I found the note she had planted in my work folder. 

Going through, my eyes welled up as I picked every brief info off her scrambled note.  

Lies and deceit, 

I realised too late.  

Take note! 

She had absconded with my heart.  

I would have preferred she running off with the best of my valuables in a multiple fold.

©️Godwin Okhuoya