Scavenger, scrambling sexily 

In unsure steps she catwalks still

Shoulders high up like the Elite tower

No quality left, just excess quantity to power

'Bra' and 'hum' hairs like the coat of many colours

Bleached skin, masked face, fake lashes with color

Padded 'bum-bum', stiffing her butts

Mouth drooling like a stooling fowl with no root

She knows the ratty, catty, even the doggy

They call her sexy, no difference from a sex dolly

She couldn't get a shoot, not even the way to her root

She couldn't beat 'em, she had to join 'em.

Deceived the bloated bellies with rotund cheek

Broken homes leaving a smile on her cheek

So, rounds of puffs into her slacked hole

Woe to the whore with hoe

With every fingering and banging

Every heating and sweating

Every wincing and moaning 

Money strolls in, pilling

And she trends the latest clothing.

@rebecca akomolafe