See through me, read me

The words more than a pedia

Lengthier than the news in media

More than the song of odamolugbe

See through me, look into my eyes

So gentle and appealing in it lens

Search beyond the tempting ice

No concealed weapons of lies

See through me, grace those lips

Tho red as scarlet

Rich as roselet

Speaks truth and love

See through me, listen to the beat

Not the one of ayan_ with a barrel that talks

Nor kange from the broken gong

Listen to my beat of love and peace

See through me, listen to me

We've been left in a world of ours

To sway and turn to it ticks

Our heart clicks in tac and ticks

See through me, read me

It now all a wish

That wish well it can

And can all it wish

©Rebecca Akomolafe