We need to think,

about our thoughts.

If the idea comes to you on the 3rd.

it is no crime,

to think over it again on the 4th.


all we need is a deep breath,

so we can rethink.



work with time in mind.

You don't have to attack,

does on the side line.


weaken the glue fastening you to your past.



pull out the sheets.

find the rectangular box,

Re tick. 

pick the bent pen,

break it,

and refix.

Break every irregular ice.

Then, refreeze.


things have to be done twice.

even more.

Think over evey thought.

the first might be a forethought .

Even worse.

look at things with your 3rd eyes. 

look under the desk, 

the thing u are looking for might not be within the files.

If it is not it,

break it.

and Refix.

When it works out.

Sought out for a typist,

and reprint.

Draw a thin line under it. 

rewrite your observation and conclusion.

if is still floating around the line of imperfection,

do it again.

A chance for improvement only occurs to does, 

who take pleasure in doing things over again.

©Okhuoya Temitope