Last Night, while I was obeying the laws of my bed

She sneaked into my dreams and I violated the laws of the land

She caressed my chest and kissed my chin

I held her waist and straightened up 

But no - The memories of last afternoon wouldn't let me

Last Afternoon; it rained sunshine 

And the sun reigned through the heat

Making the umbrellas murmur about being tormented by the mothers of the world 

I say Last Afternoon; I saw the sun take a wicked resolution 

Swearing it wouldn't let us know peace

A crux of fear then overwhelmed me

And then Last Afternoon; 

Our political institutions were ruined

The sun dealt with them without mercy

And I was forced to ask if there was a battle 

Last Afternoon the sun worked so hard

and he worked his talk

Unlike the politicians 

I said Last Afternoon; our culture was robbed 

Our kings were dethroned 

Our pride was vandalized 

Then our theatres of hope were nowhere to be found

The sun has sent us a thunderstorm blessed with doom

And our chief priests are lost

Same Last Afternoon, I saw the graveyard 

Chatting happily with the sun

Exercising their freedom of expression to the fullest 

I objected!

But the sun has instructed the graveyard to pocket my anger

And if I do not cooperate 

He should swallow me.

©Felix Odukudu