I am about to raise,

 the bars.

My tempo is up for a raise.


I am working on an increase is pace.

I am up for a race.

pen marked over time.

I am ready to erase.

Before the drawing of a mark,

am on a go

ready to beat everyone in a race.

On my back,

I won't let go.

I am ready to look any one in the face.

Save your shoe from flying off.

You are about to work,

 buckle your lace.

I am ready to take a walk,

 anywhere even outside my phase.

"Spit on my face."

That word has a verb.

why the heck did you call it a phrase.

M ready to act, like an action word.

Ready I am, to operate from this stand point.

I don't care about who was zoned this very space.