It came through like a complain.

many said the reason they could not move was due to fat.

The body is heavy,  

floating is the sky is scary.

But possible, fact.

Gravity is too thick to be neglected. 

The truth is heavy. 

I kept away,

 a mile or two and I watched. 

My eyes on the print, one.

Spirit in print, two.

Others had it down the harsh way,

conclusion have been made. 

Words have been craved.

Madness is just an official synonym for craz.

But it all develop into a pool of ignorance,

if it all have been immersed on pages,

and all you have to do is graze.

But you refuse, 

You think you know the corn so well.

How come you say you know nothing about maize.

Instead, you play around fixing puzzles and maze.

Feed the mind with knowledgeable hays.


Life is difficult but one way to make Two A's out of a 'B'

Is to know why some men never made a 'A' and ended up with two 'B's.

Read, read and read.

Pay to know how and why Some people failed.

How they got back on their feet.

How they managed success and their struggle never ended after a defeat.