It all started slowly like sounds off bands. 

A sudden increase in tempo was next. 

It grew louder and louder,

the noise became so unbearable.

The noise was enormous,

 I became so enraged,

 deep down I boiled like a lizard trapped in a kite's nest.

A hole in my chest, 

my heart was ripping off.

I couldn't say a word neither '2' 

neither could I move. 

The weakness came 'OFTEN'

The noise got the better part of me, 

I broke down, weak and vulnerable.

 I felt lost in the noise,

 I couldn't make out where I was.

although my GPS had been enabled. 

 I wished the noise could stop so I would think. 

I felt blanker than an unused sheet. 

The noise grew more massive, 

and i felt an explosion, 

I was erupting. 

I  am crushed and I will crash.

 I thought of a means out, I saw lot.

now I am opting.

The lower I went with thoughts. 

The higher the rage. 

The louder the noise grew.

 I dropped d bombshell and exploded in rage.

©Regina Asseh