Profit In Lost

I was born in the month of holiness

When mother keeps crying for my lonlyness

She sacrifices her self to stay for me

Dad i could feel the breeze before he was born

I could see the windows and cottens dancing to the cool FM 

Can i off the radio sanding anger of strange

Can i off the sango that keeps clamouring for death

Dont scare me!!! Dont scare me!!!

Alas, you know one on a seek bed

Dont scare me...

You know she is sick

But let you come to see

My mind on a sailing see never sleep at rest

Crying to pray for the night

Then he hold me tight

Be calm!!!

Hooked i was by him in morney

I think it is time!! Time! Hhaa Time!!!!

What is the time said he?

No not that, but time for he to see my ass

Haa... That time of pain in spain

running in word she rush into agony of pain...

This is the day I waited for 

The real day is here... 

Call me the white man to come in for me

Let she checks in for me

Few mints he bounce out freely without a pen on him

alas... a life has been into question

Do you give your life to christ?

Do you give your life to him?

But the answer reign to null

Let said home a message

But phones not yet born

Let him go home to tell them a new yam is grown

Let  them wait for the harvest

Home on way to the the new yam

Both on the way in different patterns

One in happiness and one in sadness

At the axis to talk... 

Aside he tools him

Sir.. In a thunderstorms of eyes strikes in water

The old yam has rust in Granny

But never let she knows in breeze

Dear... home calls on phone

I shall go tomorrow... Ede

death has kill my one eye in mind but not to her

I could see the shadow

I could feel the breeze

I could feel the loneliness

 I could see know one but In shadow she speaks.

The end might have come to the sick

Has she given up to ghost??

 I can see her shadow in a pretty white

Iyawo Mi ... 

I know i have the visitor inivisible...

Visiting in prayer 

but never see the new yam to send

Pls you remain my eyes

Take care of...the little yam for harvest

But i never understand the mesages 

Later the tale was told 

The granny yam has gone into rust

In sadness i slept with the knight

What a profit in lost!!!!

©Raji Toheeb Aderemi