Keep what you have.

That aside,

this that I see is the substance of, 

what you have hoped for. 

You will have.

Look around,


Climb up, Stand on.


The stage of reality.

You have seen.

So it will be.

This that you see,

are the few who believe,

In you.

Not in what you have seen,

They believe.

Since seeing is believing.

This is ironic.

They believe when they have not seen.

They all can't  see.

Keep them,

I mean the few.

Fed them with Strong words,

not lengthy ones,

When the time is due.

I chose the pen,

over the knife. 

This is my craft. 

With hundreds of knives.

I still,

will be unable to carve.

Standing, looking at the wood.

motions are still.

My feet are rooted on one, stronger than steel. 

Keep seeing, 

what you ought to see.

Paint a stronger picture,

Soon you will be, 

what you will be.

You will fall to the ground.


 wishing that a better picture,

 you had seen.

©OKhuoya Temitope 

Tturpswag@gmail. Com