Pay your bills. 

It all went for nothing.

It all was something.

But it was nothing to some.

The scanty digit won't lie,

but to the sum,

it was nothing. 

Nothing is Nothing,

but it isn't out of the sphere of "Thing"

so it is something.

What you have is something.

If packaging in a plastic bag is the impossible deal,

Have you tried using a tin. 

If you think,

it will have to be done without you been involved.

Here is the thing.

You will be blamed for not starting,

so stop looking, start something,

start a thing.

A basket to tomatoes might be too expensive,

why not start by buying and reselling a paste or something in a tin.

Stop thinking about things that won't make you start.

Instead think about every reason why you must start.

That's the thing

If zoning so much time to dreams is worth the sleep.

Then sleep it off and forget the dreams.

Forget the fact that you once longed for something.

Just for that same dream, you were once ready to give up everything.

Now I see you, seeking fashion.

Getting rid of all the feelings that made you you,

you are not even sparing passion. 

You think it will be what it will be,

or what will be will definitely be.

Well I am sorry. That adage is old fashioned. 

You cant get a free meal, oh not here in Africa.

Rarely does no one pay for his bills. 

The cost of your success is yours. 

Give it all you have, it is yours. 

Pls pay your bills. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya