It is bleeding,

Your shrouded fact.

abutting to exposure is your secret,

It is leaking.

I am a victim of emotional Explosion.

My heart is bleeding. 

I still get hits over it,

my pang ain't healing.

You called me a kid.

I wasn't mad.

I had a deep conviction,

I know you often kid.

Talking me for jokes.

 all this fables and tales,

On it, I wont fed.


You stand in my head,

Like a road block.

If this is a feature of been fat.

On what are you feeding.

I am not trapped in you.

A new life I am living,

A new life I am leading.

This is a note to my past,

I am leaving.

I am walking out on you.

I want you out of my head.

Every thing about you,

I will force into a bag,

Drive down to the curb of a cliff 

in a car,

I won’t be halting for a drink,

I will bypass every bar.

I will stretch forth my hands,

And I will release.

Then you would be gone,

The drugs, bullets and gun

They all would be gone,

Never to return

Then I will be pleased.  

©Okhuoya Temitope